Bet & Watch Live Streaming Sports Online

One of the best services to come out of sports betting is live streams, allowing you to watch sports live and keep up with all of your bets.

Best Live Streaming Betting Sites

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a serious advance for online bookmakers, enabling punters to pick up live streaming betting and place money while watching the action. A live streaming bookmaker offers a quality experience on the likes of football, horse racing and other sports. You’ll often find that some sites provide live streaming sports services for events that are not even screened on TV, offering a massive range of games to watch. To access the live streaming service, you, typically, have to deposit a small amount. The requirements are few, and there’s no hassle when opting to watch a sports event. Likewise, you can watch live streaming sports events on your mobile, with no sacrifice to the function whether on an app or desktop.

Best Live Streaming Betting Sites

When it comes to live streaming bookmakers, there are plenty to choose. This service has been rolled out across major brands, with those not offering the function falling behinds. Bet365 is one of our top live streaming sports betting sites. They have an unprecedented live streaming service for users, with more than 100,000 events available for punters. The highlights for live streaming include Masters Series tennis, top football tournaments and La Liga, Premier League and more games, as well as top-tier basketball. They are even renowned for their promos and sheer number of sports markets – you only need to have a funded account or deposited in the last 24 hours to access the service.

Bet365 Live Streaming

Bet365 has long been associated with sports betting, with a customer base of 19 million, spanning 200 countries. You can put a lot of punters down to their exceptional live streaming service – one of the best available today. The live streaming service showcases more than 140,000 events each year, and that number is constantly growing.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at bet365

While most bookies tend to focus on football and horse racing for live streaming sports, Bet365 take a different approach and showcase events including big tennis tournaments and American sports. There’s no sacrifice to live streaming either, whether you watch it with the Bet365 app or on computer. Often, the app is much more suitable, and you only need to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours or have a funded account to access.

Unibet Live Streaming

Unibet live streaming offers excellent picture quality and sound timings, only a few seconds behind the live game.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Unibet

The brand focuses on footy when it comes to the function, with all of Europe’s top leagues – Premier League, Bundesliga etc. – available. They provide calendar details of the matches, and you don’t even need funds in your account – just to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Betfair Live Streaming

Betfair understands the importance of watching sports as the action unfolds. As such, they are one of our top list streaming sports betting sites – especially when it comes to the horses. Along with the video content of all UK & Ireland horse race meets, they offer commentary and studio analysis from experts in the field. These features are on top of the expected video and audio. Add to that, Betfair live streaming doesn’t ask for much in the way of requirements, and if you’ve placed a bet on that race (more than likely) – you can watch it. Providing you have a secure WIFI connection, there’ll not be a lag on time, or any other pop-ups or advertisements that might spoil your fun. It’s hassle free and easy to access.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Betfair

The Betfair live streaming service is easily accessible by clicking on the Live Video tab on the sports page. The function is nothing short of impressive, coupled with their tremendous pre-match and in-play options. Football, horse racing – including all UK and Ireland horse meets, as well as racing from South Africa and the USA – tennis, basketball and more are streamed. In fact, the events are well into the hundreds of thousands. Plus, it’s free for all members – just place a bet 24 hours previous to accessing live streaming sports.

Paddy Power Live Streaming

Paddy Power is one of the biggest names in the industry and, of course, they offer live streaming that plenty of punters use. The live streaming sports schedule can be accessed via the ‘Watch Live’ tab, listing all of the events available and your requirements. You will have to place a bet, or have done so in the last 24 hours, to watch sports such as footy and the like. Horse racing is extra but well worth it, as Paddy Power always provide decent in-play markets for the sport. The picture quality is decent, not as good as it could be, but it’s larger than many other big brands. Paddy Power live streaming can be watched on their phone, but they are upfront about the lapse in real time. On some occasions for less popular events, the service can be 30 seconds behind.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Paddy Power

Luckily, they are one of our favourite live streaming bookmakers, as you can open separate windows to watch two live events – good for us who can multitask. Paddy Power is honest about their time delay, usually up to 10 seconds, but their markets well make up for the time lapse. Football, tennis and other sports need only to have placed a bet to access, but you will have to deposit £1 for horse racing events.

Coral Live Streaming

Coral is one of the oldest in the pack, and they boast a fairly reliable live streaming sports service. It’s by no means the most innovative in the market, but it compliments the in-play options alongside the service.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Coral

The site states that there are ‘5,000 events available free’, but it doesn’t state when they are showcased. On a weekly basis, there are a couple of thousand games available, with more during famous tournaments. The most popular sports are always at the top of the pile at Coral, with football taking precedence. However, as the site is famous for horse racing, you do have to pay a little extra. But, they do show every single UK & Ireland horse race meet, with experts discussing the highlights on the blog.

William Hill Live Streaming

William Hill is a trusted name, with a massive reputation for horse racing. Their coverage of horse racing beats some of the biggest names of today, with coverage across all UK and Ireland horse race meets, as well as international events.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at William Hill

The likes of Cheltenham, Ascot and the Grand National are major holidays at the bookie, and all available to watch live. You can access live streaming for the races, along with other sports – including football. Their football games are another feature, numbering into the high thousands. In fact, William Hill is one of the best live streaming betting sites for sports. Not only do they showcase the main events, but the likes of NBA, ice hockey and leagues or tournaments that are not free on TV or satellite, can be found on William Hill.

Ladbrokes Live Streaming

Ladbrokes have always been generous with their services, with the functions available designed to massively improve betting experience. The Ladbrokes live streaming service has undergone major improvements over the years, particularly with more bookies coming out and attempting to dominate the market. They provide streams for pretty much every horse racing event you can imagine, internationally and in the UK & Ireland. They also stand out for their live football coverage, showcasing quality graphics on top-flight leagues – there’s no need to watch on TV. Their live streaming also opens up as part of in-play, rather than a separate window. It depends on what you prefer, but this makes it easier to place in-play bets and keep an eye on the ones you’ve already put money on.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes live streaming sports is a standout feature for the bookie, with the action unfolding from all around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of games available, with footie taking precedence. English and European matches are big business, and their live streaming tab lists everything you can watch. Make sure you’ve got a positive balance and placed a bet in the past 24 hours.

Betway Live Streaming

Betway is steadily becoming one of the most popular betting sites, not least because of the impressive ability to watch live. Each event available through the service will have a little play icon next to the markets, and they regularly provide a detailed calendar list for matches in the future.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Betway

If you are looking for football bets, opportunities and live streaming – Betway is your man. They are most famous for their offerings for this sport, with top-flight matches in the Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League and Champions League accessible to stream. You can expect a minor delay of 2 to 5 seconds for these games, so it’s worth considering for those putting money into in-play. However, Betway also offer more unique sports to catch up on, including Russian Premier League, ice hockey and even Euro volleyball.

Betfred Live Streaming

Betfred offers enough opportunity for sports punter with live streams. Their massive football and horse racing opportunities are were this brand challenges the best sites around. The latter is the most popular for live streams, with all UK & Ireland horse race meets accessible on the site. It’s not just the most popular, but all the races that you can watch – all for just £1.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Betfred

Of course, they excel at football, with Bundesliga and Premier League and the like always drawing in plenty of customers. Alongside the European football leagues, it’s possible to watch the MLS in the USA and Australia’s A League. They’ve clearly put a lot of effort into providing a top quality function for the punters – one that can also be used for those betting on their phones.

888Sport Live Streaming

888Sport live streaming stands out amongst the rest for its football offerings. The football coverage is exceptional, even by experienced punter’s standards, and provides in-depth results, highlights and guides, as well as stats and scorecards on leagues from around the world.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at 888Sport

However, one disadvantage is that the live streams are dependant on your location. UK punters cannot watch English leagues, and Premier League is not yet available on the service. However, the tennis and basketball graphics are impressive, but do lag a little behind real time, which can affect those who have placed in-play bets. The 888Sport live streaming service does cater for mobile, so you can watch on the move.

Live Streaming Requirements

Live streaming sports betting sites do have some requirements you have to fulfil for the service.

  • Bet365: Funded account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.
  • Unibet: £0.50 minimum stake to watch every UK and Ireland horse race meet. For other sports, you need to have placed a bet in the last day.
  • Betfair: For football and the like, you need to have a funded account or placed a bet in the last 24 hours. Horse racing requires you to place a sportsbook bet, worth at least 50p or an exchange bet worth at least £5, on the race you want to watch.
  • Paddy Power: Horse racing has a minimum bet of £1 to watch, but other streams are available for those who have placed any bet in the past day.
  • Ladbrokes: You must place a £1 bet for horse racing, but other sports are accessible for those with a positive balance, or have made a bet in the last 24 hours.

How to Benefit Live Streaming While Betting

  • Live streaming covers far more than TV, meaning you can place in-play bets on a wide variety of events
  • In-play works in conjunction with a live streaming service, so you can bet while you’re watching the action unfold
  • When you register with an account for live streaming, you’ll also get access to loads of promotions
  • Live streaming is easy to access and can be done so on your mobile, making it easier to place bets

How to Watch Live Streaming with the Bookies

To start with, you need to register an account with one of the many live streaming sports betting sites to access the service. When you do that, you should also look for the best free bets and ensure you’re getting the most for signing up with the bookmaker. After that, you need to follow the access requirements – typically a funded account and to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours, or deposit a minimum of £1. For the best quality picture, we suggest accessing live streaming with a dependable WIFI or 3G connection. By doing so, you’ll not experience a large time delay in events.

How to watch Live Streaming with Bet365

How is the Quality and Service

The quality of live streaming videos depends on the bookmaker, and the event. For example, live streams of Premier League games and European football matches are, typically, better than games from lower, less renowned leagues. Likewise, you should expect some time delays, and they can differ at various bookmakers. You’ll find most sites are upfront about the seconds you can expect to be behind for the game.


Is live streaming online illegal?

Yes, watching live streaming is completely legal and often offers a better range than TV.


What are the GEO restrictions on live streaming events?

Typically, there are GEO restrictions, but it depends entirely on the bookmaker. UK punters are, generally, okay when it comes to most live streams.