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Cricket Live Streaming

Modern technology has made the timeless game of cricket more accessible to fans around the world than ever before.

The rise of smartphones and betting sites moving in to take advantage of the immediacy of live cricket streaming and allowing for in-play punting adding a little extra excitement to an already incredible match.

The cricket live streaming options readily available now mean you can watch the best players in the world do their thing anywhere you have access to the internet or can get a signal.

How to Watch Cricket Live Streaming with bet365

  • Visit the bet365 website and log into your account
  • Make sure there are funds in your account or that you have had a bet inside the last 24 hours
  • Head to the cricket match you’re interested in and if it’s being streamed live you can watch it directly from the event page

How to Watch Cricket Live Streaming with Betfair

  • Make sure you are logged into your Betfair account whether on the desktop site or via their mobile apps
  • Head to the Live Video section and filter by cricket
  • Select the cricket live stream you’re interested in, they are available without the requirement of a qualifying bet

Live Cricket Streaming on Mobile

Most bookmakers today also offer a mobile app, where you can access the live cricket streaming service straight from your mobile phone. So you can keep up with your bets and monitor the action of the latest in-play cricket games no matter where you are.

Some apps allow you to minimise the screen too, enabling you to place bets without closing down the stream, so you won’t miss out on a thing. In order to watch live cricket streaming through select bookmakers apps, you will need to ensure you have a strong mobile data or Wifi connection to maintain the quality – and this way you won’t miss a wicket.

Cricket Live Streaming – This Week’s Schedule:

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So, here are some of our favourite sites and events coming up this year and a few matchups that you’ll only be able to enjoy online.

Bet365 Watch Cricket

Best live streaming betting sites


Arguably the market leader at the moment, Betfair covers a massive range of sports events – giving generous coverage to local and international cricket. This includes options for in-play betting and competitive odds on a stable of over ten different tournaments as of May of this year. Their platform includes an intuitive interface and shared functionality and layout between mobile and desktop, making sure that nothing will get in the way of your betting, even when a match is underway. However, they have been known to take a little longer than most to pay out on your winnings, which should be factored in if you’re planning on reinvesting after a punt comes through.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Betfair play

William Hill

A seasoned standard, William Hill is one of the UK’s longest established betting sites that has spent the last decade making a push away from bricks and mortar to online punting. While their current range may not be as comprehensive as sites such as Bettson or Betfair. WH is currently trying to entice more punters to their platform by offering a range of competition-specific bets in addition to conventional straight match betting and their well-known range of enhanced odds. These include big events like the IPL and Ashes, but also coverage of Big Bash and a selection of 2019 specials – making them a solid pick even if they don’t have the most well-reviewed app on the market.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at bet365 visit


Prizing simplicity above all, Betsson more than accomplishes what they set out to do since their aggressive market-push in 2017 that set their stall out for online punting. With a voluminous sportsbook, the brand has the selection of local and international competitions sewn up for the rest of the year – offering the best presentation on this list by a country mile. With collapsible table and easy filters and links to matches that are starting soon, their site is perfect for visitors who have their heart set on having the perfect live-play experience.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Betsson play

Paddy Power

The industry rogue, Paddy Power has carved itself a strong niche as a live streaming service provider. While PP may not have as comprehensive a range as other providers, they more than make up for a lack of variety with a huge degree of depth – offering a regularly updated selection of picks for events coupled with free bet and money back offers.

Watch Live Streaming Sports at Paddy Power play

Cricket live streaming events

The Ashes

With this year’s event being held in Australia, live play is the perfect choice for watching events out of hours, with the first test between England and Australia taking place between the 1st-5th of August. This should be enough time to get even the most tech-phobic punter to try their hand at live-play betting and figure out which site’s streaming platform is right for them.

Royal London

For those of you that are ready to play, this year’s Royal London started on the 17th of April and will carry on through to the 25th of May. With a selection of daily offers or long-term punts on overall winners or outstanding performance, the Royal can provide a wealth of matches to practice your punting and take advantage of the outstanding odds offers available from some of our recommended sites.

ICC World Cup

Once you’ve settled on your provider of choice, there is no better tournament to truly stretch your muscles than the ICC Cricket World Cup, starting on the 30th of May. With the big four mentioned above already taking odds on overall winners, it’s worth betting early and taking advantage of some of the generous odds currently on show. Due to the scope of the event, it is also worth remembering that the closer it gets to the 30th, many sites will start running free-bet or registration offers that can be easily leveraged by canny punters to maximise your earning potential.

All of the above will be available from at least one of the listed brands and checking out their catalogue can help confirm who you should open an account with across the forthcoming season and give yourself the opportunity to watch cricket live through their reliable, low-bandwidth streams.

Cricket live streaming exclusives

Of course, if you’re a true cricket fan, you’ll be doing everything possible to catch some of the more exclusive matches – with streaming services increasingly snapping up broadcast rights over the last two to three years.

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When it comes to steaming, your sole solid pick for punting is HotStar, who confirmed their exclusive acquisition of cricket live streaming rights by tweet in March of this year. HotStar is an Indian digital platform that’s available on most device platforms including Android, Apple, Online and more. The group currently has exclusive rights to all matches that are hosted by the Board of Control for Cricket In India (BCCI) – making a subscription to the service essential if you don’t want to miss some of the world’s fiercest top-grade cricket. However, it is worth keeping your eye on Sky Sports and their streaming platforms to check how they fare as the legal wrangling continues in the months ahead.