Totepool Lotto

ToteLotto – Get £25 Matched bet!

Did you know that aside from the jackpot, placing a fixed odds lotto bet can in most cases give you a bigger return on investment than playing the lottery itself? There are no prizes for getting just one right when playing the regular lottery, but you can place a fixed odds bet on your lucky number or a combination of your favourite numbers being drawn at Totepool. Get a kick out of betting on various outcomes of popular lotto games with countless windfall opportunities and various ways to maximise the entertainment of each draw.

Betting on lottery results is probably a lot easier than you think and when you open an account at Totepool they will match your first bet with up to £25 free bet to use on sports. Once you’re signed up its as simple as picking your numbers as normal, but with the added bonus that you can choose your own stakes, rather than being restricted to paying a set amount. This means you can limit your losses and cover more outcomes or stick a slightly larger bet on to go for a big payout. Totepool’s lottery betting process is incredibly easy to understand and their site is a great starting point for those looking to try out fixed odds lotto betting.

Totepool Lottery Games

Totepool customers can place fixed odds bets on a large variety of popular Lotto games from all over the world including Irish Lottery, Numbers 49s, Spanish Lottery, German Lottery, Canadian Lottery, Greek Lottery and NY Lotto. Their are two big games missing from the list, but Totepool’s superior user interface more than compensates for the absence of UK Lotto and EuroMillions betting.

You can choose to play one draw or add a number of future draws depending on which lottery you intend to play. We have detailed the lottery bet types offered at Totepool below.

Totepool Lottery Bets

Straight bets are currently the only lottery bet type available at Totepool, but as previously mentioned the ease of using their interface keeps them on a par with most other providers despite the lack of special markets such as betting on the bonus ball number or colour of the first ball. Totepool lottery betting is ideal for first time bettors wanting to try their luck at fixed odds lotto betting as placing a bet is straightforward and their minimimalist approach means there is no information overload.

To place a straight bet, Select which lottery game you wish to play and whether you’d like to include the bonus ball, noting that there is a slightly smaller return, but a bigger chance of winning when it’s included. Then select your balls, noting that as you add more numbers to a line the bigger the potential payout will become. You can do this manually by clicking on a number which will add the ball to your bet line or you if you’re feeling lucky you can opt for a lucky dip for 3, 4, or 5 selections. Once you’re happy with your picks, enter the amount you wish to stake and select how many consecutive draws you wish to play before confirming and placing your bets.

In an example of a straight bet on Totepool, you could choose to bet on 1 number at odds of 6/1(9/2 including bonus ball) or 3 numbers at odds of 650/1(300/1 including bonus ball) which would both yeild far bigger potential returns on a £1 investment than a regular lottery stake.


More About Totepool

Totepool offers a complete betting service on a wide variety of sports markets and is the home of the Tote pool betting service for UK horse racing. The history of the Tote dates back to 1928 and the company has gone from strength to strength over the years with currently over 500 betting shops nationwide.

Totepool is owned by Betfred, the biggest independent bookmaker in the UK and merges a company with a long and unique history in Britain’s betting industry with one of the most progessive gambling companies in Europe. Offers and bonuses in Totepool’s sportsbook reflect the new ownership, with Double Delight/Hattrick Heaven, Top Industry Prices and Cashback offers available every day.

Totepool Payment Options

Totepool accept Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Laser and Moneybookers as payment and deposit methods. This is not the most exhaustive list, but will meet the needs of the vast majority on online gamblers.

Totepool Customer Support

Totepool offer 24 hour customer support with contact available via freephone or email. There is also a good FAQ section that will provide many answers about the Totepool website and the management of your Totepool account.