The Never-Ending Cycle of Conor McGregor News

Whether you believe that or not, nobody can deny the impact that the Irishman has had on both the Ultimate Fighting Championship and MMA in general over the course of his tenure in the sport. After all, just look at how much attention his blockbuster showdown with Floyd Mayweather received in the summer.

He is a superstar by any and all definitions, but unfortunately, that’s an honour that has gone to his head – and it didn’t take long for it to happen.

His behaviour started to go so slightly ‘off the rails’ with his supposed retirement due to the whole UFC 200 debacle, but thankfully for fans of car crash entertainment, the whole ordeal didn’t slow down there.

In fact, it got even worse in a lot of ways, and that was mainly due to the aforementioned Mayweather-McGregor showdown. The bout led to Conor making in excess of $100 million dollars and, as you can imagine, that sum of money is enough to change someone: and not necessarily for the better.

In addition to using a gay slur following UFC Gdansk, Conor also launched himself into the cage at a Bellator event before assaulting two officials – including the referee.

That kind of behaviour is going to land you in some hot water most of the time, but thankfully for Conor, he’s a different breed of ‘celebrity’.

The Notorious One supposedly got off with just a warning, before going on to make the headlines once more for an alleged altercation with the father of an Irish mobster. So, to say that he’s been quite reckless would be a bit of an understatement.

We understand that the money has probably just gone to his head but he needs to start thinking about his long-term future, because although it may not seem like it, blowing through nine-figure fees is something that isn’t all that unlikely – and if he needs a frame of reference, all Conor needs to do is confide in the man who beat him in Las Vegas this past summer.

Tony Ferguson UFC

The dream scenario now would be for McGregor to leave this kind of attitude behind and move forward, hopefully into a Lightweight Championship unification fight with Tony Ferguson.