UFC fighter Derrick Lewis helps many during Houston floods

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey over in the United States there have been a few beacons of light, with one of them being the work done by UFC fighter Derrick Lewis.

Lewis, 32, resides about 25 miles away from Houston and took it upon himself over the last few days to help out those in need. The heavyweight has always come across as a big fan favourite, but his stock will rise immensely after people see the lengths that this man went to in order to help those in need.

Lewis can be seen below in the attached tweets braving the conditions that Harvey has produced, all in the name of assisting others. Derrick is one of many celebrities to have offered their help over the last few days, with many donating substantial amounts of money to Red Cross and other similar organisations.

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The Black Beast went one step further, though, putting his own life at risk so that he could ensure the safety and well-being of others. The hurricane has thus far claimed the lives of 30 individuals, with Harvey making a second landfall in the last 24 hours.

But if the Americans have proven anything it’s that they know how to respond in the face of tragedy, and as such we’re confident in believing that Houston as a city and America as a country will bounce back from this.

There’s no doubt that Lewis will be rewarded in some way for this act of bravery, as he should be, with a lot of fans buzzing with anticipation for his upcoming fight at UFC 216 against Fabricio Werdum.

Derrick will attempt to rebound from a devastating TKO loss at the hands of Mark Hunt back in June, in a bout that was considered to be Fight of the Night by many – including the UFC.

It was Lewis’ gas task that caused him to eventually lose the fight, with it being evident that his conditioning wasn’t anywhere near the standard that it needed to be in order for him to contend with a top rank fighter like Mark Hunt.

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Still, the heavyweight division isn’t all too stacked right now and one or two wins could thrust him right back into contention for a future title shot.

If you’d like to help contribute to the many support systems currently ongoing in Houston and the US as a result of Hurricane Harvey, go to Red Cross where you can donate any fee of your choice to the cause.