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Full Interview: John Fury Previews Tommy Fury Jake Paul & Discusses Tyson’s Upcoming Fight with Usyk

John Fury sat down with on February 14th, covering topics including Tommy Fury’s upcoming fight plus Tyson Fury’s next bout.

How are Tommy’s preparations coming along?

Absolutely perfect. We just finished training today and we finished camp today. We’re just in a wind down now and just light work only. The main work’s been done. It’s all gone well. He’s had the best camp ever and he’s looking sensational in the gym. I’ve no doubt in my mind we’re going to destroy Jake Paul properly. Dismantle job is what’s coming. We fly out on Thursday morning. Can’t wait.

We’ve done plenty of work, we just want to get the job done. It’s not the win, it’s how you win and we’re looking to win in emphatic style.

We’ve had good class sparring partners, all different ones. We’ve done over 100 rounds of sparring for it. He’s in tip top shape, punching very hard. We’ve had a lot of casualties in sparring, let’s just say it couldn’t have gone any better.

I don’t see a threat at all. What I’m seeing in the gym is world class. He knows he can beat Jake Paul. He’s going to have a nice holiday in the sun, get the job done and get paid and go on to another YouTuber, whoever wants it.

Tommy was actually on talkSPORT last night and said that he’ll retire himself from boxing if he loses to Jake Paul. Do you think that’s putting a lot of pressure on himself?

We don’t do pressure. Don’t do pressure. We are trained men. We train our mind as well as our bodies. The Fury’s don’t do pressure because this is what we do. We cope with pressure in bucketful’s.

We thrive off it because if it was a pressurizing job, we wouldn’t be in it. And if we got flustered and pressurized, Tyson wouldn’t be the WBC king, would he, when nobody can beat him. Unbeatable. And Tommy, he’ll do the same thing.

We thrive off pressure, yes, there’ll be a few butterflies going to the ring but the minute the leather’s swapped…Game on. We don’t do pressure, there’s no falling apart here, mate.

There’s nothing that comes out of my nut sack that suffers with pressure. We don’t do pressure.

We’re Fury’s. We’re different. We’re set apart from the rest of the fighting world because this is what we do. You know that cup of water there? The Jake Paul fight is like me to Tommy drinking that glass of water. Easy.

That’s how easy the Jake Paul fight’s going to be. I’ll take all bets. Anybody who wants to disagree what I’m saying, I’m over there in Saudi, come and see me, I’ll take all bets. It’s a no contest. It’s impossible for Tommy to lose.

What I’m seeing in a gym with proper professional boxers, undefeated guys, cruiserweight, heavyweight, light heavyweight, he’s just been destroying them all on his path.

I’ll be surprised if Jake Paul can even hit him. We’ve worked on defence; we’ve worked on everything. I know it’s disappointing you guys, because a lot of guys out there, don’t underestimate what the Fury’s can do for special people in the fight game, for special people.

And if my sons couldn’t step up to the plate, I wouldn’t have them doing it. Not now, not ever.

Tommy will destroy Jake Paul, he’ll be laughing when he’s going to the ring, because it’s easy money. Easy fighting. We’ve done our hard work in the gym, back here in Bolton, Manchester. We’ve done the work; we’ve done the grind. Nine weeks, over 100 rounds of sparring, with good class men who can fight, we’ve not started boxing 18 months ago. Jake Paul can have everybody around him in the world blowing smoke up his ring piece, telling him how good he is.

So fake Jake is copping it. That’s what fake Jake’s getting, a good hiding, and put straight in his place, and he’ll learn never to go in people’s home. On that ring is the Fury’s home, it’s an improvement, time and time again, you know.

And if he’d had a better promoter, and been out more, he’s only had eight fights in four and a half years, which is ridiculous. But he’s still too good for all of them, he’s still too good for them, because I believe in my mind, Tommy is a world class fighter, and he’ll prove it, he’ll prove it, don’t take my word for it, switch on the TV.

I’ve never been wrong yet. This guy don’t get stuff wrong, because if Tommy was going to embarrass me, he wouldn’t be in the fight game. Remember that.

I know there’s a rematch clause on Jake Paul’s side of it, what do you make of them even wanting to put that clause in?

All the better for us, more money, another big payday for nothing. He can have three rematch clauses if he wants, up ten in, we’re not bothered. We’re not bothered, because we can beat him and his brother on the same night.

He can have it on the second of March if he wants, I’m not bothered, that’s where we’re at. Fun and games are what we love, but let me say this much, I want to thank the Saudi Arabians, the powers that be in Saudi, for letting us come in that beautiful country. They’ve got everything right, I can’t wait to go there, have a nice relaxing holiday and get the business done, putting on a great show on for the Saudis.

Thank you very much for having us, great people.

Tommy said the other day that he’ll just laugh if Jake Paul catches him with a big punch, do you agree, and what do you make of Jake Paul’s power?

I don’t make anything of it, Jake Paul can’t beat me, listen, he’s rubbish, rubbish, you understand that? What do I have to do to explain to you people, you can’t do a job that takes years to perfect in just a few short years, he’s never fought a proper fighter who’s going to hit him back.

Tommy’s going to hit him back simple as that, all of them 50-year-old has been MMA guys, they got no head movement, they got no movement, they got no structure, they got nothing. It’s like there are heavy bags, the ones you’ve been fought have been 50-year-old heavy bags on legs, it’s a different kettle of fish for a man bobbing and weaving it with both hands and Tommy is going to absolutely destroy him, there’s nothing else on Tommy’s mind, there’s been too much said.

Let me tell you it’s a mismatch, that’s how I see it, mismatch.

If Tommy were to win on points rather than by knockout, would you consider that a disappointing performance?

Absolutely, absolutely, he’s got to be knocked out, now let’s put it this way, if it goes to points, he deserves it, if it goes to a points decision, that’s a close fight, give it Jake Paul, he deserves to win, Jake Paul’s getting knocked out mate.

You mentioned earlier that all bets are on, have you actually made any bets on the fight yet?

Nobody’s going to bet mate, they’re all armchair warriors aren’t they, they’re all good at calling stuff from an armchair, they’ll never say it to your face, they’ll never call Tommy out to his face, ask Tommy’s sparring partners whether Tommy fumbles or not, when they visit the hospital for concussion, they’ve got airline fractured on the jaws, ask them that, ask them Tommy can’t punch and Tommy can’t fight, listen it’s all fun and games but you’re going to find out in 11 days’ time, who’s right and who’s wrong.

I was right about Tyson, they all said about Tyson, he’s no good, he’ll never win a British title, he can’t punch, he can’t fight, now look, or now look, and let me tell you this much as well, after Jake Paul has been slaughtered, I want all them boxing networks to sack all them so-called pundits, I want every TV

network coverage, sack the lot of them because the heart rules ahead, they hate Tommy, they hate us and they’re that jealous of the Fury’s, they’ll jump on anybody to beat Tommy or Tyson.

If you put a pair of boxing gloves on a 75-year-old man, they’d say you could beat Tommy and the same with Tyson but what happens, the Fury’s keep proving you all wrong, we’re unbeatable in this game.

I know Tommy’s got the best mindset of him and fake Jake, nothing’s right with that kid, he’s fake in everything he does, I can see inside of a man’s soul, I seen what kind of a man that he was in Dubai, he’s not a man, he isn’t a fighting man, he’s about to get in front of a fighting man very shortly and he’s going to be destroyed. Nothing less will do me, that’s what we’re trained for, to destroy, seek and destroy.

I’m guessing the answer is no, but do you think there is absolutely anything Jake Paul can do that will make him win this fight?

No, definitely not with a capital N, plain English no zero, I don’t care who’s in his corner, he can have all the so-called best in the world in his corner, the no good to him on the night because you know why? His arse will fall out, his arse has already gone.

I can tell you this much, I think Jake would rather take a kick in the nut sack with a big pair of hobnail steel cap boots on, than face Tommy, but Jake’s been forced into it, he’s put himself in a position where he can’t get out of it. well let me tell you, when I’m in charge my friend, we haven’t left a stone unturned.

We’re trained to annihilate him, he can’t stop it, you know there’s no way he can stop what we’ve got planned and I’ve got, I can go from A to Z, not to A and B, A to Z with a game plan, I can protect 200 in there and my boys can adopt up anything I say within seconds and that makes us the winners.

Moving on to Tyson and Usyk, there have been reports that that fight is no longer happening in Saudi Arabia, and it looks more likely for Wembley now, what can you tell us about that?

Not a lot because I have nothing to do with it, you know Tyson’s business is his business, I have nothing to do with Tyson’s business at all these days so at the end of the day. I don’t know but if they’re not going to pay him what he’s worth why should he fight?

He’s the king of the ring, heavyweight number one, the gypsy king, pay him what he’s worth or don’t pay him at all, so at the end of the day wherever he fights wherever he doesn’t, there’s nobody out there that can match my sons, no one.

I haven’t seen any yet and if I did, I’m man enough to say yes I think they could do it because I’m like that, I tell the truth, I’m known for the truth.

People jump on the Usyk train, jump on whoever they want train, there’s nobody out there that can beat Tyson, not yet.

If he doesn’t end up fighting Usyk on April 29th, will he still fight on that date, there’s obviously options that could be, Ngannou, Wilder, Ruiz?

To be honest with you, shove them all in a sack and just pull one out - they’re all the same calibre.

He’s already beat Wilder three times, what do you want him for? With a paper skull he’s alright fighting dummies isn’t he, you know I’d be feared if Tyson fought Wilder again, Wilder dying, because his skull’s gone, he’s like a cracked egg that man, it’s like a cracked eggshell, can’t be repaired, now Tyson cracks him again, he might not come round, so I want him to avoid Deontay Wilder, because I don’t want Tyson to seriously injure him with life changing injuries or even worse death.

All Deontay Wilder has is a punch, that’s all, if you can’t land it, what good is it to you? I could give you a shotgun but if you can’t aim it and fire it, it’s no good to you, same with Deontay Wilder, I say Francis Ngannou poses a bigger threat than all of them, because his sheer size and his awkwardness.

The man’s a man mountain, he’s a physical specimen, and he brings problems, doesn’t he? He’s strong in the body, Tyson won’t be able to wrestle him because he’s too strong.

There’s a lot in the fight game isn’t there, big rough tough men can bring punches up from anywhere, and you’ve only got to get caught with something you haven’t trained for, and you can be on the deck.

Usyk, look at him, he’s just too small mate, he’s a great little boxer, he’s probably a lovely fella, I’ve got nothing against him at all, I like the Ukrainian people, it’s a great country and I wish them all the very best, they’re struggling at the moment with their own problems, but Usyk talking boxing lingo, just too small for Tyson, he’s got nothing to beat him with.

I thought Steve Cunningham was a better fighter than Usyk back in the day, Cunningham was better than Usyk, you know at Cruiserweight, Steve Cunningham was unbeatable because he had everything. He had speed, he had power, he could move around the ring, great coordination, it’s just that boxing has moved on, but not for the better, the guys just seem to be doing all this modern technique, it just looks awful to the eye,

To me, they’ve got a lot right, but they’ve got a lot wrong as well, but we stick to the old school methods. You know they work, I’ve seen Usyk fight Joshua twice, he isn’t beating Tyson him, definitely not. I’m not just saying because he’s my own son, but he’s been out there 33 times unbeaten, you know I’ve not been wrong yet, so there you are, Tyson’s the king of the ring.

Your prediction for this weekend’s big fight, Lee Wood against Mauricio Lara, two guys who’ve sort of had a recent resurgence, what do you think of that fight and who do you think is going to win it?

I’ve got to favour Lee Wood, Lee Wood’s a warrior but the other man’s dangerous as well, it’s a must watch fight, isn’t it? very interesting and I’m going to lean towards Lee Wood, he’s got fire in his belly, he’s a proper fighting man, I’ve met the kid, he lives and breathes the job, and I just think he might be too much pressure for Lara. Lara’s a good puncher, you’ve seen what he’s done with the other fella didn’t you, the Leeds kid, you know what I’m saying, so he’s dangerous, but Lee Wood’s a fresh young animal isn’t he?

I’m going towards Lee Wood in a hell of a good fight, I’m going to tip Lee Wood, but being honest I’ve not paid it much thought, but we can get it in Saudi, we will get it and watch it, great fight, and I’m going to Lee Wood, a great fight.

How would you describe your kind of coaching mentality?

The right way or the I way, you do the work and get through the door, there’s no room for second places, I’m hard on them, but it pays dividends, but I know how hard to be and how easy to be at the right times and I’ve been doing this all my life.

I’ve fought myself, which a lot of them trainers haven’t, I’ve boxed myself, so at the end of the day, it’s a father and son thing. I’ve had some good help with Matt and Bob Howard, Alex too but yeah, it’s just all intelligent and brutal stuff we’ve been doing, and it’ll pay off on the night.

And in terms of his training camp then, you said that it’s been brutal, and it’s been hard, have you changed anything in camp, been more relaxed given the nature of the opponent?

Absolutely not, because that’s what I don’t do, I’m professional and we’re training for Jake Paul, like we’re fighting for the light heavyweight championship of the world, you know what I’m saying, he’s done over 100 rounds of sparring, he’s run every day, we’ve been doing circuit training, all kinds of training, we’ve not left a stone unturned.

I want my son to be turned out in perfect condition with everything done in the gym, we finished camp today, we wrapped it today, so at the end of the day, all good. Tommy’s done over 100 rounds of sparring, like I say, he’s run every day, miles and miles.

We’ve had excellent sparring as well, we’ve had heavyweights in, cruiser weights in, light heavyweights in, we’ve had them all on the board and good, class, young, hungry men, but bring it, he’s been handling them very, very well.

There’s been a few visits to the hospital for the sparring partners, but that’s boxing, he’s been doing them some damage, we’ve had an airline fracture in the jaw, we’ve had a few knockdowns and this that and the other, we’ve had a few knockouts, cold knockouts from Tommy, he’s been destroying his sparring partners, you can ask them, they know who they are.

They know whether Tommy’s a real deal or not and like I just said if my son didn’t have it and tick all the boxes, I wouldn’t let him out there.

He showed me in his past eight weeks he really wanted to fight Jake, because I put that much pressure on him in training, if you isn’t superhuman, you crack under it, but I don’t overtrain them, I don’t go too far, what I do when I do it, you’ve got to be some man to cope with it and they do with flying colours.

I’ve seen you’ve had quite a few, well a lot of quality pros in Bolton, but some MMA fighters too, is that to help prepare for Jake Paul’s unorthodox style?

We spar, we’ve had over 100 rounds of sparring of all different kinds, heavy weights, cruiser weights, light heavy weights, middle weights, MMA guys, you name it, we’ve had them in the ring, we’ve had them in the ring. It’s been brutalising and there’s been a few visits in the hospital as well, on their part not Tommy’s, you know that’s what we train for. We’ve trained to hurt Jake Paul, we don’t want to hurt him, but it’s got to be done, it’s business.

We’ve trained to destroy him, that’s what we’re going to do.

Subject to a Tommy Win, do you think he becomes the third biggest British boxer after Tyson, maybe Anthony Joshua, do you think he’s elevated to that level?

Listen, you’re talking about real fighters there, you know this isn’t a real fight, is it? He’s got a long way to go in the professional ranks in the conventional boxing style because them kids can fight, but if Tommy got regular boxing bouts, regular fights, Tommy’s world class, Tommy can be a world champion.

But nobody’s willing to pay him what he’s worth, At the end of the day, he’s not a heavyweight, he’ll never be an heavyweight, he might move to cruiser or somewhat, he’s only six feet tall.

His weight’s about 13.7 now, we can make the 13 stone three comfortable, so he’s going to stay around that, but in the future he’s 23 years old, if he got the right kind of fights, and brought along and regular, regular work, he could go all the way.

At the end of the day, people just underestimate what the Fury’s can do, Tyson’s remained unbeaten now all his full career, he’s been a pro now for getting on for 20 years nearly, I must know something, and I think in my mind I’m too clever for all the guys he’s got around him.

It’s in here, there’s 300 years of knowledge in here, what I did do when I was a kid, I paid attention to all the people, our people have been in this game for generations, and at the end of the day I’ll pit my wits and IQ with anybody in the boxing game. Anybody and what I know, they don’t know and they’re never going to know, it’s only going to be passed down them from father to son, at the end of the day we breed them game, you could saw our leg’s off and we’d still be fighting.

Obviously, Tommy’s looking for a knockout and he’s very confident he’s going to get it. Where does he get that confidence from and in your eyes does he have to KO Jake Paul to win?

He knows he can beat the likes of Jake Paul; he knows he’s a level above him and the people we’ve been dealing with, any one of those sparring partners can play with Jake Paul. Jake Paul’s is what they call a learner, he’s got L plates on in the boxing game, hasn’t he? He’s going to be a while before he takes some L plates off.

I don’t even give him a slight chance. There’s no way he can beat Tommy, what I’ve been seeing in the gym, you’ll be lucky to even land the punch on Tommy, but the first time Tommy connects to the right hand it’s over, it’s over.

And do you think anything less than a knockout will be a disappointment for Tommy?

It will, absolutely will. We’ve not trained for points because we know we’re away from home, he’s probably co-promoting it somewhere, he’s got to be carried out that ring, he’s got to be stopped, that’s what we’re trained to do, stop him and that’s what he’s getting stopped. Goldilocks is getting stopped. The big bad wolf’s coming to get him.

The big bad wolf’s coming to get Goldilocks.

I’ve heard Tommy say that if he does lose, he’s going to hang up the gloves, is there any substance behind that or is that kind of just fighting talk?

Listen, let me tell you, losing isn’t an option but for some unforeseeable, miraculous thing that Tommy did lose, yeah it would be over. It’d have to be. At the end of the day, it’s the easiest fight in the world for Tommy.

Tommy can’t believe his luck to be fair but it’s third time lucky, we’ve had two attempts to get him before, so third time lucky but everything’s gone perfect this time.

It’s timing. Before he had the broken rib, viruses, last time he couldn’t get into the United States, this time it’s all gone properly. There are no excuses from the team Fury camp, well there’s not a team but just me, me and Tommy and a small shop, we’ll get it done right but losing is not an option, you have more chance of seeing Christmas come in June than Jake Paul beat in Tommy. It’s impossible.

Tyson, obviously he’s in negotiations with Uysk, how is that going?

To be fair I’ve had nothing to do with Tyson’s business at all, I keep out of his affairs, the people who are around him I don’t like so I just keep out of it, you know what I’m saying, so like I said to Tyson, I’m concentrating on Tommy, I look after Tommy, I manage him on training, he’s my problem, Tyson’s got all the commitments with all the people, let him do his thing but I don’t know anything about anything to do with Tyson.

When something’s on the table and it’s fair and everybody’s being fair then ring me but if not, don’t ring my phone, I don’t do bull sh**, at the minute that’s what’s all around Tyson, it’s just cock and bull everywhere and nothing concrete, all here say pie in the sky, big offers with no substance, all fair coat no knickers, that’s what the people are.

When you’re dealing with the king of the ring in Tyson, the best out there, who brings ninety-four thousand, sixty odd thousand in freezing cold weather look after him, treat him right, give him the respect he duly deserves, and let’s move on with it.

but Tyson is what he is, I don’t care who they are, so you either fall in line or jog on, but he does still want this fight, as long as they fall in line, give him what he deserves, what’s fair, and he’ll fight anybody in the world,

Tyson knows what’s fair and they know what’s fair, but what it is, Tyson is a very intelligent guy and he’s got intelligent people around him, I’m one of them, you can count on that.

Will Tyson be making an appearance out in Saudi Arabia with you and Tommy?

All the boys will be there, full support, he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

What does it look like for you when you get over there, what’s the plan from Thursday until fight night?

Nothing really, just kind of walk and talk, some light training, soak up the rays, we’ll have a nice look around Saudi Arabia, I’ve never been, just have a nice relaxing holiday.

We’ll get in there, perform for 20 minutes or so and that’s it.

Any big plans to celebrate?

I’m going to try one of them Saudi steaks, I think. I’ve never had one.

Back to Tommy’s training, anything you’ve changed at all compared to previous camps or is it more the same?

No, we’ve just put our foot on the gas more, he’s been took to places he’s never been before, you’ve got to go to places like that to realise where you’re at and to reach new heights.

Do you enjoy going to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, places like that, or would you prefer to do these things in the UK? Would you have a preference for Tommy to fight in the U.K next time round?

Listen, I’m not bothered where the fights are held, I’m enjoying my Indian summer. I’m closer to 60 than 50 and, for me to go to a great country like Saudi Arabia and other international venues like it, I’m honoured, I’m just so glad I get to go there with my family and put them on a great show and we’re not going to disappoint.

We’re going to show them all the respect in the world, they deserve it, they’re a great nation, I love what they do out there, so at the end of the day, I’m honoured to be even setting foot in that great country, never mind box there.

Tyson has said he’d like to see Tommy fight KSI or Logan Paul after this - do you agree, or would you prefer Tommy back in the more traditional scene?

At the end of the day, this is just what it is, it’s an holiday, a decent payday, but it’s an easy fight for Tommy, we’re looking at big honours for Tommy, I’m looking at Tommy winning world titles in the future, I’m going to get him going proper, because Tommy should be out at least four times a year, but greedy promoters, they don’t want to pay him what he’s worth.

It’s the same with Tyson, that’s what the delay is here, with Tyson, they won’t pay him what he’s worth, they want him for nothing, they want to make the money, they want the lion’s share and give Tyson the small end, but that isn’t going to wash with us, it isn’t washing, it’s the fury’s way or the highway, we bow down to no one, because we are the kings of the ring at the minute.

Today we are the kings of the ring, Tyson Fury’s the king of the ring, Tommy will come through, you can’t say what’s going to happen with Tommy in the future, what fights might happen but what you can say is we’re going to give them all a run for their money, all those ones that think Tommy can’t fight, they’re going to be in with a shock. You can ask his sparring partners, we’ve had visits to the hospitals, we’ve had injuries, concussions, we’ve had everything covered for this fight with Jake Paul.

Congratulations, you are a grandfather yet again, have you been to see her yet and what is your feeling towards this beautiful baby girl that Tommy and Molly have brought into the world? Are you impressed with Tommy’s dedication and maturity in dealing with all that in the run up to this fight?

I’m absolutely thrilled to pieces, I’ve got 20 grandkids, love them all, the more the merrier, and what’s the world about if not children? She’s a beautiful baby, Molly’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened to Tommy, they get on great together, their lives are so good, and they’re getting better and better all the time, and with the addition of little Bambi, the baby, sky’s the limit,

Tommy’s on fire, he’s on fire in the ring, he’s on fire at home, and his home life’s lovely, it’s great, and his boxing career is even better at the minute, and I’m saying something, he’s got a great home life, he’s got a good woman, he’s a father now, Tommy’s a different animal today, different animal, he’s got responsibilities, he’s grown up a lot.

Tommy, in his last few years now, he’s gone from a boy to a man, his mindset’s different, and you’ll see on the 26th, what boys to men can do. I’m so proud of him and all the 20 grandkids I’ve got. Amazing, amazing, I want to let you go now, I’ve taken so much time.

Bartley Gorman, if he were around in this era today, what would he make of all of this, Jake Paul, Tyson, all of this stuff, and how do you think he would compete at this level?

Let me tell you something, first and foremost, I would give my left nut if Bartley could see what’s going on today, because believe me, he’d have smashed the internet to pieces.

Bartley Gorman, if he’d been around today, I would have loved him to have seen what’s going on, but he is watching it all, you don’t miss nothing, because I believe there’s life after death.

I believe in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, it’s all down to him, Bartley’s in heaven with him, and he’s watching all of this, but Bartley, what could I say? He’d have driven me mad, but we’d have had some pints of beer, or have been crying tears of joy, all the way.

He is sadly missed along with a lot of great others, my father, my two brothers, let’s give them a great mention here.

Could you give us a betting preview John, how do you see the fight playing out?

Jake Paul is getting knocked spark out, there’s no doubt in my mind, Jake Paul is getting knocked out. We’ve not trained for points, not interested in points, if it goes to points, let them pick Jake Paul’s hand up, because he deserves a win.

Tommy will stop Jake Paul, don’t worry about that, and you know what, all the bookies, they’re going to lose a lot of money, if somebody has got the nuts to put a big few quid on Tommy, they’re going to be very rich come the 27th, and the bookies are going to be cleaned out.

Jake Paul’s the favourite with most of them, I can’t believe it. He doesn’t have a chance, he knows himself, and the only people cracking under pressure is Mr Jake Paul, I can see it in his eyes, this guy’s used to seeing people crack all his life.

I’ve seen him crack, I can look in a man’s soul, I can tell you what he’s going to think, and I’m not one bit interested in what they do, all we’re trained to do is destroy Jake Paul, and that’s what we’re going to do, come the 26th.

I’m never wrong, I’ve not been wrong yet, I told you all what Tyson would do with Deontay Wilder, I told you all about Dillian Whyte, nobody listens, because in this job there’s a lot of jealousy, their heart rules the head, and what I want all them TV networks to do, who promote the show boxers on screen is to sack all them so-called pundits, because they don’t give a true analysis, they’re too jealous.

Tyson’s paved the way with the rubbish, he’s been down that rubbish road, the destruction road, and all these younger pups have learnt off him.

What do you make of Jake Paul’s story so far?

Let me tell you, I’m fat and I’m overweight and I’ve had too many cream cakes, I could still beat all of Jake Paul’s opponents, and I could probably beat Jake Paul. He’s a YouTuber, he’s got the L plates on as a boxer, can he beat Tommy? No, it’s ridiculous.

Tommy is his dance partner, they need dance partners, Tommy’s given Jake a payday, not the other way around. They all keep saying Jake given Tommy a payday, Tommy’s give him one, because without Tommy, Jake doesn’t get paid like he’s getting paid, remember that.

Jake Paul’s nothing, nobody wants to see him bash some 50 year old up, somebody don’t want to see him bash a middleweight up when he’s three stone heavier, people want him to step up to the plate and fight somebody, and Tommy is somebody, he’s the Gypsy King’s brother, the best

in the world, with a name second to none in the boxing world today.

Even though I wasn’t so much of a hotshot in the boxing world, I was a big-hearted man, I was an aggressive man, but at the end of the day, my son Tyson, he’s given us the platform to call the Fury name the King of the Ring.

The boxing ring is the Fury’s own, that’s where they live, it’s like being in your house now, the boxing ring is the Fury’s own, and when those people step inside the ring and disrespect that, they’re getting knocked out.

So let’s just clear a few things up there, Jake Paul is not give Tommy any paydays, and nobody’s the boss of a Fury.

Nobody on earth tells a Fury what to do, especially the likes of Jake Paul, he’s a great kid, I like him, clever young man, he’s done well in his life, a lot better than me, nobody tells a Fury what to do, no one, because we’re all our own men, but good luck to him, I thank him very much for having the bottle to fight Tommy, because deep down in his soul he knows what’s coming to him.

He knows what’s coming to him on the 26th, a good hiding. Fair play, he’s getting well paid for it, he’s probably getting paid a lot more than Tommy, but we’re happy with what we’ve signed on for, we’re well happy.

Jake Paul is a spoiled kid, he’s used to having everything all his own way, and he’s got nothing but yes men around him, when my sons step out of line, I tell them, even Tyson, step out of line, he’s getting told.

I’m going to say I don’t like that, that’s no good, I’m not going to sugar-coat it, afraid I might lose my job, I’m not bothered about a job, I don’t get paid, I do it free, because I’m his dad, money don’t float my boat, what does float my boat is keeping them W’s coming for the Fury name.

Jake Paul hasn’t got anybody around him, with any intel, with enough, let’s just say bottle, to question what he does, and if you don’t get questioned, you’re never going to know where you’re going wrong.

It’s like a kid, you’ve got to correct a child for him to know anything, or her, so what are you going to do, if you’ve got yes men around, you’re saying oh this is fine, that’s fine, he’s sparring partners, what he’s employing, they might be afraid to hit him, in case they don’t get paid, in case he won’t be asked back tomorrow.

They have a false sense of security.

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Craig Jones

Craig Jones

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