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What Makes a Good Owner of a Football Club?

For a lot of fans all they care about is financial commitment; a constant stream of money that means they always have the best players and are competing for trophies, but recent events have shown that may not be the be all and end all.

The proposal of the European Super League shone a light on boardroom greed at the top of the English game, with clubs such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool supporting a breakaway league that would reinforce their financial dominance at the top of the Premier League.

The proposal saw protests across Premier League grounds against the wealthiest members of the Premier League elite, so does financial commitment really equal popularity?

Club Owner Rankings, commissioned by football bets experts, has broken down the financial data and contributions behind each Premier League major shareholder since they took charge and also analysed their online popularity to compare whether more money really means less problems.

Through analysing every transfer made by every club – whether permanent or temporary – since their current ownership, we can see which owners provide the biggest financial backing to their clubs on a deal-by-deal basis, with the overall net spend, the total number of players signed, average money spent per year, average money spent per player and the percentage of their overall net worth that has been put into the club to see who is really the most committed.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘Big Six’ dominate our Financial Rankings, but Farhad Moshiri and Nassef Sawiris of Everton and Aston Villa respectively are doing their best to break up the status quo.

During his five years at Everton, Moshiri has committed 11.58% of his net worth to the overall net spend, making him more financially committed than people such as Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour.

Signing an average of nine players per year at £11,737,333 per player in his time in charge, Moshiri has shown a significant desire to break his side into the upper echelons of the Premier League and is ranked as number four in our Owner Financial Rankings.

The Glazer family have been controversial figures ever since acquiring Manchester United but have actually committed 40.71% of their estimated net worth (£2,611,278,000) in transfer net spend since 2004, with only Delia Smith and Gino Pozzo more financially committed to their clubs in terms of percentage net spend in their time in charge.

With Manchester United up with Chelsea and Manchester City in terms of average money spent per year however, it is not surprising that those three clubs make up the top three of the overall financial rankings – which were calculated by ranking each owner against each other by each metric and then adding up the final scores.

Under current ownership, it is Manchester United who spend more money on the average transfer than anyone else. Although their Manchester ‘noisy neighbours’ are known to splash the cash, United have spent £20,195,062 on each transfer under the Glazers, compared to £18,485,413 under Sheikh Mansour.

Despite committing 83% of their overall net worth to Norwich, Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones are the bottom of the financial rankins due to the low transfer fees they have paid over the years – mainly due to their absence from the top division in that time.

When adding in online popularity metrics, Abramovich is again the clear leader proving that despite his background he remains popular with Chelsea fans and is the overall best owner in the Premier League.

The Srivaddhanaprabha Family are well-known for living the dream and guiding Leicester to the league title in 2015-16.

The death of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in a devastating helicopter crash shone the light on his popularity and impact upon the city, and his legacy continues through his son Aiyawatt, who has taken the reins at the King Power.

Their popularity is enduring, making them the second most popular owners but overall the second best owners in the Premier League when combined with their financial commitments.

Making up the top five of the overall rankings are Sheikh Mansour and Daniel Levy of Tottenham.

Mike Ashley (17th)  and Stan Kroenke (16th)  of Newcastle and Arsenal respectively have received backlash from their supporters, with both owners struggling for online support, while Ashley is ranked as the third worst owner overall, behind Gao Jisheng of Southampton and ALK Capital of Burnley.

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