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Euro 2020 Top 5s

Nothing beats a good countdown, so here at we’ve put together Top 5 Euro lists covering everything from the best ever goals to this year’s top youngsters.

They’re split up into Nostalgia Top 5s and Euro 2020 Top 5s.

So if you want to check out the best ever goals in European Championship history head to our Nostalgia section.

And if you’re interested in the five young players who could make a massive impact on this year’s tournament go straight to the Euro 2020 section.

Here are five of the teams with the best chance of lifting the Euro 2020 trophy.

Which managerial mastermind will bring home the trophy?

Who will shine bright this summer?

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Who can outplay their odds this summer?

  • Top 5 young stars at Euro 2020

Which youngsters will star at the tournament?

Can Euro 2020 match the great tournaments of the past?

Will anyone match these at the 2020 tournament?

Can anyone beat these strikes this summer?

Will this years’ final match these classics?

  • Top 5 Players Who Made Their Name at the Euros

Will anyone make this kind of impact over the summer?